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Posted on: May 19th, 2010
Top 10 Things Needed in America

If you are new to the US after leaving loved ones behind in order to call America home; then here are the top 10 things you will certainly need to make life easier nor you are an American resident.

Everyone understands that starting fresh in a new country is hard, especially for those with limited knowledge of the language. There are plenty of new customs, life-style choices and a host of other things to discover. It is certainly difficult but with a little forethought and planning the transition to the US way of life doesn’t have to be too stressful.

1. Groundwork: With a bit of luck you will have done at least some initial preparation before leaving your home country as this is especially helpful regarding things like the rules and regulations of the area in which you plan to settle.

2. Exactly Where to Live: This is certainly one of the absolute top 10 must do things when you arrive in America. Decisions concerning the landscape of the city such as an urban metropolis or a country town for example need to be considered. As everyone knows, your home is your castle! If you are planning on staying with friends or family already living in America; then obviously this will influence your decision on where to settle.

3. Public transport & Finding your way around: It’s a good idea to learn about the various transport options available to enable you to get around town easily. America has a fabulous public transport system that includes buses, trains and ferries as well as cabs for hire. Why not also consider buying an old-fashioned pushbike which may be sufficient in some regions depending upon your requirements?

4. A Valid US Driver’s License: You will need to obtain an International Driving Permit (IDP) which will validate your home country’s license enabling you to drive in America as well. Of course there are also driving schools for those people wishing to obtain a US driver’s license.

5. Finding Work: Another top 10 thing to do now you’re in the US is to find suitable work in order to financially support yourself and your family. There are lots of employment services happy to assist you and it may also be advisable to undergo further language studies and/or some specific vocational training to increase your chances of securing appropriate employment.

6. Schooling: Finding suitable schooling for your family once you have decided where to settle is important. Although there may be many differences in the American education system and that of your homeland; children generally adapt very quickly. You will also need copies of any school records and reports, so be sure to have them.

7. Resuming Sports & Hobbies: It’s a good idea to continue with any hobbies or sports that you and your family enjoy. Search out the various options within your new locality and join or you may like to try an entirely new sport or activity.

8. American Insurances, Finances & Banking: You will definitely need a local bank account now that you are living in America. In the meantime do be sure to check out then various costs regarding international transfers between your home bank and the US. Also check out the various insurance policies you may need including health, travel, life and contents. Don’t forget to see if there any free services you are entitled to as a US resident.

9. Find A Local Doctor: You will need to find a local medical facility to take care of your family’s medical needs now that you are living in the US. It’s also a good idea to have all records including existing medical conditions, exams, scans and any medications taken regularly as this information will be really helpful to your new doctor.

10. Making New Friends: Relocating is indeed very exciting but coming to a new country is also physically and emotionally very draining with many new immigrants often feeling isolated. Making new friends and socializing will help for sure as you will the start to feel at home in your new US location. Do seek assistance when and where you need it as there is certainly no need to feel all alone!

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