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Posted on: June 28th, 2010
 Top Ten Safest US Cities to Live In Once You Move to America

Moving to the United States can be a somewhat intimidating experience. With almost 20,000 different cities, towns, and villages, it can be difficult to decide where to move. Knowing the safest cities in the U.S. is a good place to start. Whether living by yourself or with family, knowing that your home is in an area of low-crime is good for everyone.

The following is a list of the top ten safest U.S. cities. These are the 2010 list, based on the 2009 crime figures that address the top 6 types of crime that impact community safety (those being murder robbery, assault, rape, burglary, and car theft). All but one of the top ten safest cities in America has a population between 75,000 and 85,000, so even if you don’t choose one of these, you have a good indication of a particularly safe size to choose when selecting your new home.

1. Sugar Land, Texas. With a population of 79,224, Sugar Land is sweet not in name only, but in its title as the very safest of America’s safest cities. Before a city, it was none other than a sugar plantation, but now it’s the biggest city in Fort Bend County.
2. Yuma, Arizona. 81,886 people call Yuma, Arizona their home. It began as Fort Yuma, a crossing post for the Colorado River. Yuma has very hot dry summers and mild winters, and has been recorded as the sunniest place on earth (Guinness World Records).
3. Lawrenceville, Georgia. Lawrenceville had just over 88,000 people at the time of the last census and still retains its small town feel. The downtown has many historical buildings and offers many small cafes, pizzerias, and some newer condos and townhouses.

4. St. Peters, Missouri. With a population of 78,075 people, Saint Peters, Missouri is another of the safest U.S. cities. St. Peters is home to the largest mall in America, which draws people from out of town. Residents relish the town’s award-winning fitness and recreation center.
5. Chino Hills, California. Chino Hills is home to 84,847 people and is in a great location. Close to Los Angeles, San Bernardino, and Riverside, Chino Hills has little crime and lots to do.
6. Duluth, Georgia. Yet another Georgia city on the top list of safest cities in the U.S., 75,223 people call Duluth, Georgia their home. It is a suburb of Atlanta and boasts a considerably affluent population with very little crime.
7. Hialeah, Florida. Hialeah is the sixth largest city in Florida and is considered to be part of the overall Miami metropolitan area. It has a strong Cuban influence and is a popular place for people to live and commute to downtown Miami for work.
8. Woodbridge, Virginia. Woodbridge is home to 76,924 residents. One of few east coast cities to make the list of safest US cities, Woodbridge has roots as an agricultural and industrial town, and now has one of the largest malls in northern Virginia.
9. Brooklyn, New York. As one of five boroughs in New York City, Brooklyn has the highest population of any of the top 10 safest US cities: 2.5 million.
10. The Bronx, New York. Smaller than Brooklyn (with about 1.4 million people), the Bronx is the second smallest of NYC’s 5 boroughs. It’s divided in half by the Bronx River.

Whether you choose one of these cities or another, it’s important to know that the top 10 safest cities in America aren’t the only safe cities. Do research on the city you choose to make the best decision you can.

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